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close up of young boy smiling whilst paddling into a wave on an orange surfboard.

We approach surf coaching with the belief that people are enabled through their environment.


At Adaptive Ocean Academy, we are passionate about helping people of all abilities to get the most out of the surfing experience. As an adaptive surf school, we specialise in coaching neurodivergent people. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy the ocean and feel the exhilaration of catching a wave. 

When we began in 2020 we were the only surf group in England offering surf coaching specifically for autistic people. Given our ever-growing understanding of neurodivergence prevalence, this was something we had to put in place.

We offer 1:1 lessons, as we believe this is the best way to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all participants. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. We look forward to meeting you in the waves!

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