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We thrive on the glorious North East coastline and want it to remain this incredible for generations to come. The beach is a place of serenity for a lot of us, it's freely accessible and it homes the sport we adore. We have a responsibility to treat it with respect and to leave it looking as good as when we arrived.

Our surf school sources most of its equipment second-hand, whilst never compromising on quality. We do so to minimise our contribution to exploitative fast fashion and plastic waste. Neoprene, the non biodegradable material used to make most wetsuits, contributes an estimated 419 tonnes of waste material in the UK each year. You can recycle your old surf equipment with us, please contact us.

When you see us out on the beach you will notice a beach toys box. If you're visiting our beach and want to leave used toys/floats/bodyboards behind or take a dig through the box for some treasure, please feel free, it's for sharing.

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